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I truly believe that the Key to Change, is through understanding of the Self. The Self is a World that is very seldomly explored. In times such as these, it is easy to get caught up in the idea that the external physical world around you is all there is, and that you are somehow ‘seperate’ from this world. But indeed, you are not…

The External World is merely a Reflection of your Inner World.

And why is this? Because literally everything is only a perspective of your own mind! Anything you look at, anything you think,–Anything you feel, or do, is Completely unique to YOU! Not one person thinks or feels the way you do. Not one person could ever see through your eyes. And even if they could see something from where you stand, they are still a different height, may have different shaped eyes or may perceive color slightly different than you! How amazing this all is!

So, if everything that we think, feel and see are our own perspective, that means the outer world that we know is that as well. It is ONLY what is relevant to us uniquely. This really shows the Power of Thought now, doesnt it? Interesting.

Now, how do we know that what we perceive to be True, is actually True? That is a good question… What is Truth? Is my Truth going to be right for you? And likewise, is your Truth going to be right for me? Possibly not. The Key lies within Yourself to find this Truth. And you can see the reflections of it in your outer World.


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